1,4-Butylene oxide-ethylene oxide polymer  

CAS # 27637-03-2, 27517-34-6
Regulatory Inventory
CAS REGISTRY NUMBER 27637-03-2, 27517-34-6 NAME : Furan, tetrahydro-, polymer with oxirane
DSL Canada   NDSL
EINECS Europe    
ASIA-PAC Asia-Pacific   Yes
ENCS Japan    
ECL Korea    
AICS Australia    
Other names: 
1,4-Butylene oxide-ethylene oxide polymer
Ethylene oxide-tetrahydrofuran copolymer
Ethylene oxide-tetrahydrofuran polymer
Ethylene oxide-THF copolymer
Polyethylene polybutylene glycol
Polyethylene-poly(tetramethylene) glycol
Tetrahydrofuran-ethylene oxide copolymer
Tetrahydrofuran-ethylene oxide copolymers
THF-ethylene oxide polymer
The fact that a compound is not listed under a specific CAS # in a countries inventory does not mean this compound cannot be used, it can be an exempt compound or polymer which does not require listing, or it can be listed in a different category. Ask your supplier.

Commercial Products or generic terms used for products. For manufacturer see Polyether MFCT.
AS 200 ER 1250/25 Teracol TE 2000 Tetorakishinoru Tetraxynol AS 200S
Tetraxynol AS 300S THFE 2000
Some of these product names might not be commercial anymore, the product names still might be in old formulations

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