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A new addition are the programs on polymer design. Using a semi-empirical approach some of the key properties of most polymer such as Tg and solubility parameter can be calculated. In addition also come typical coating formulations and resin solution properties can be estimated. The approaches used are based on published methods. 
I am available for consultation in the area of crosslinking, polymer design and coating  formulation with special emphasis on low polluting (green) coatings
This site has  been visited more than >1000 k times, do not forget there are more important things than coatings.

Polymer Design 
The design of new polymers is not anymore a random guess process of preparing many "cooks" to arrive at a suitable polymer structure. A number of semi-empirical methods can be used to relate polymer structure to properties. This does not alleviate any experimental work but rather shortcuts the development process. I developed a Web driven programs to design polymers for coatings. These programs can be used for other polymer applications and also as teaching tools. This is work in progress and I might add additional programs. Please feel free to contact me, but there is no assurance I will work on any additional programs.


Polyurethane Adhesives, Elastomers, Foams & Hot Melt

This section on polyurethanes is a new experimental sites. The main objectives is to create a knowledge base for polyurethane applications in adhesives, elastomers, foams and hot melt applications. Send me a note if you want additional information

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