Supplier Polyether Polyol
This listing of companies manufacturing polyether polyols is not complete, only the larger companies are shown. I also listed some international companies manufacturing polyether polyols. Most companies have many manufacturing sites.
Because of the continuous acquisitions and consolidations of this market this listing might not be up to date. Send me an e-mail if you find an error.
Company Name Type Trade name Country URL
AEIC PPG polyether  Daltolac® SA 
Asahi Denka Chemical PPG polyether  ADEKA® CARROL® JP
Asahi Glass PPG polyether Excenol® JP 
Arch Chemical PPG polyether Poly-G® US 
BASF Corp. PPG PEG block   Lutrol® Pluracol® Pluriol® PolyTHF® Lupranol® US 
Tetramethylene glycol   
PPG graft
Bayer PPG  Multranol® US 
Bulgar Ross PPG polyether Laprol® RU
Carpenter PPG polyether Carpol® US 
Clariant PPG PE block Genapol® DE  
Dongda Group PPG polyether CH 
Dongsung PPG polyether KR
Dow Chemical PPG polyether   Voranol® Dowfax Voralux Specflex US
phosphate PO
Polyether graft
Dupont Tetramethylene glycol Terathane® US
Elastogran-BASF PPG polyether Systol® Lupranol® ES 
Hodogaya Chemical Co. Tetramethylene glycol JP 
HongBaoLi PPG polyether Hi-F,  Low-F CH 
Hosung Chemex Tetramethylene glycol PTMEG KR 
Huntsman PPG polyether  Jeffoll® US  
Korea Polyol Co PPG polyether Newpol® Konix®  Nixol® KR 
Lyondell  Tetramethylene glycol Polymeg®  US
Milliken  Chemical  BisA PO Syn Fac® US 
Mitsubishi Chemical PPG polyether  Mitec® JP
Tetramethylene glycol
Novácke chemické závody PPG polyether Slovaprop® SK 
Pumex PPG polyether MX 
Rhodia PPG PE block Antarox® FR 
Rokita SA PPG polyether Rokopol ® PL
Sanyo Chemical PPG polyether Sannix® JP 
SEPPIC former Akzo Nobel PPG polyether Dianol® FR 
Shell Chemical PPG polyether Polymer plyol Caradol ® POSTech UK, NL
SK Oxichemical PPP polyether Yukol® KR  
Solvay Tetramethylene glycol Capa® BE 
TPI polyol PPG polyether Raypol® TH 
This listing has been prepared for the US market. Companies with manufacturing in the US have been listed under US, although their headquarters might be in another country . Most companies have multiple manufacturing in different locations. If company manufactures in the USA only the US is listed. If only the phone number is shown no URL has been found for this company.

Country Source: ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency

BE= Belgium CH=Switzerland CN=China ES= Spain DE=Germany FR= France
GB= Great Britain HU=Hungary IN= India JP= Japan KR= Korea MX= Mexico
NL= Netherlands PH=Philippines  PL= Poland RU= Russia SA= South Africa SK=Slovak Republic
TH = Thailand US= USA

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November 16, 2006

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