This listing of companies manufacturing of catalysts is not complete, only the larger companies are shown. I also listed some international companies manufacturing catalysts. Most companies have many manufacturing sites. Some of these catalysts are sold by coating and additive companies as part of their formulations.
Company Name Type Trade name


Air Product Amine  Organotin Dabco®  Polycat® Amietol® Metacure® US
Akzo Nobel Amine Tetrameen® US 
Archema Organotin Fascat® FR 
BASF/Elastogran Amine Generic Lupragen® DE 
Caschem Metal Coscat® US
Daikyo Kasei Kogyo  Organotin Generic JP 
Degussa-Goldschmidt Amine      Metal Kosmos® Tegoamin®  Tegokat® DE      
GE Silicone Tin Fomrez® US
Johoku Chemical Tin MRH JP 
Kao Chemicals Amine Kaolizer® JP
King Industries Metal K-KAT® US 
Lanxess Rhein Chemie, Borcher Amine Addocat™ Desmorapid® DE 
Matsumoto Metal Orgatix JP 
Nitroil Amine PC Cat® DE
Nitto-Kasei Metal Neostann® JP 
OM Group Organotin Metal Generic US 
Sankyo Organotin Stann BL® JP 
Shepherd Chemical Metal Generic US 
Tosoho Amine Toyocat® JP
Some catalysts shown in the formulations are not anymore available under the original tradename due to consolidation in the industry. Companies often distribute the same product in different divisions under different tradename.
This listing has been prepared for the US market. Companies with manufacturing in the US have been listed under US, although their headquarters might be in another country . Most companies have multiple manufacturing in different locations. If company manufactures in the USA only the US is listed. If only the phone number is shown no URL has been found for this company.
Country Source: ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency
BE= Belgium ES= Spain DE=Germany FR= France IN= India JP= Japan
KR= Korea MX= Mexico NL= Netherlands PH=Philippines  PL= Poland RU= Russia
SA= South Africa SK=Slovak Republic TH = Thailand UK= Great Britain US= USA

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