Blowing Agents

This listing of companies manufacturing of blowing agents is not complete, only the larger companies are shown. I also listed some international companies manufacturing blowing agents. Most companies have many manufacturing sites. Some of these catalysts are sold by coating and additive companies as part of their formulations.
Company Name Type Trade name


URL Note
Asahi Glass Fluorocarbon ASAHIKLIN Asahifron Fronsolve JP 
Archema Fluorocarbon Forane FR 
Central Glass Co. Ltd. Fluorocarbon Triflon JP 
Daikin Fluorocarbon Generic JP 
Dupont Fluorocarbon Freon Suva  Vertrel Zyron US 
Honeywell Fluorocarbon Genesolv  Oxyfume US 
INEOS Fluorocarbon Arcton  Arklone KEA UK 
Navin Fluorine Industries Fluorocarbon Mafron IN
Puron Fluorocarbon Puron US 
Showa Denka Fluorocarbon Flon JP 
Solvay Fluorocarbon Solkane  Solkatherm DE 
Non-Fluorocarbons  (Available from many chemical suppliers)
Acetone Carbon dioxide
Butane Isobutane
Pentane Isopentane Cyclopentane
Additional publications on Fluorocarbons
EPA  Ozone depletion 
United Nations Ozone Action Program Tradenames 
Refrigerant Exchange list of names 
Some of these blowing agents are also sold as refrigerants, cleaning solvent or a as etchants for electronic applications under different tradenames.
This listing has been prepared for the US market. Companies with manufacturing in the US have been listed under US, although their headquarters might be in another country . Most companies have multiple manufacturing in different locations. If company manufactures in the USA only the US is listed. If only the phone number is shown no URL has been found for this company.
Country Source: ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency
BE= Belgium ES= Spain DE=Germany FR= France IN= India JP= Japan
KR= Korea MX= Mexico NL= Netherlands PH=Philippines  PL= Poland RU= Russia
SA= South Africa SK=Slovak Republic TH = Thailand UK= Great Britain US= USA

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