MDI trimer Isocyanate


4,4-MDI Uretidinone Trimer CAS # 31107-36-5

Molecular weight 706.75
Isocyanate, % 17.8
Equivalent weight 235
Toxicity/Safety See MSDS of Supplier
Regulatory Inventory
CAS REGISTRY NUMBER # 31107-36-5 NAME : 1,3-Diazetidin-2-one, 1,3-bis[4-[(4-isocyanatophenyl)methyl]phenyl] -4-[[4-[(4-isocyanatophenyl)methyl]phenyl]imino]
DSL Canada Yes
EINECS Europe EINECS No. 250-470-8 Yes
ASIA-PAC Asia-Pacific   Yes
ENCS Japan   No
ECL Korea   No
AICS Australia   Yes
The fact that a compound is not listed under a specific CAS # in a countries inventory does not mean this compound cannot be used, it can be an exempt compound or polymer which does not require listing, or it can be listed in a different category. Ask your supplier.
Other names:
4-[[p-(p-isocyanatobenzyl)phenyl]imino]-2-oxo- 1,3-diazetidine-1,3-diylbis(p-phenylenemethylene- p-phenylene) diisocyanate 

1,3-Di[4-[(p-Isocyanatophenyl)methyl]phenyl]- 4-[[4-[(p-isocyanatophenyl)methyl]phenyl]imino]- 2-uretidinone

Commercial Products or generic terms used for products. For manufacturer see Isocyanate MFCT.

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