TDI Isocyanate


Toluene diisocyanate CAS # 26471-62-5, 1321-38-6

Molecular weight 174.2
Benzene, 2,4-diisocyanato-1-methyl Benzene, 1,3-diisocyanato-2-methyl-
CAS # 584-84-9  (2,4-TDI ) CAS #91-08-7  (2,6-TDI)
Isocyanate, % 48
Equivalent weight 87.5
Toxicity/Safety Analysis method OSHA air sampling method
See manufacturer MSDS for safety information
Commercial products have various ratio of the 2,4-TDI and 2,6-TDI  
Diisocyanate (TDI); 80/20 mixture of the 2,4 and 2,6 isomer;  viscosity 5 mPas @ 25C; 
Monomeric toluene diisocyanate (TDI); a high 2,4-isomer TDI; viscosity 3 mPas @ 25C; 
Regulatory Inventory
CAS REGISTRY NUMBER   #26471-62-5, 1321-38-6 NAME : Benzene, 1,3-diisocyanatomethyl
DSL Canada Yes
EINECS Europe EINECS No. 247-722-4 Yes
ENCS Japan ENCS No. 7-871 Yes
ECL Korea ECL Serial No. KE-10914 Yes
AICS Australia   Yes
Other names:
m-tolylidene diisocyanate 
Crude tolylene diisocyanate 
Isocyanic acid, methyl-m-phenylene ester
Methyl-m-phenylene isocyanate
Methylphenylene isocyanate
TDI 80/20
Toluene diisocyanate
Toluene diisocyanate (80% 2,4-TDI; 20% 2,6-TDI)
Commercial Products or generic terms used for products. For manufacturer see Isocyanate MFCT.
Many of these isocyanates are blends or solvent cuts. I also listed product name and numbers which are not anymore manufactured. Some of the product shown are blends and solvent cut. 
AH-18 AH-20 AH-23
Andur 3300 AS Part A Andur 5000 DP Andur 520 DP Andur 5500 DP Andur 6500 DP
Andur 70 DP Andur 700 AP Andur 7000 AS Andur 7000 DP Andur 720 DP
Andur 7200 DP Andur 7500 DP Andur 8 AP Andur 8 AP W/24% Andur 8 APF
Andur 80-5 AP Andur 800 AP Andur 800 DP Andur 8000 AP Andur 8200 AP
Andur 850 AP Andur 8500 AP Andur 9 AP Andur 9 AP-LM Andur 9 APF
Andur 9 APF-LM Andur 90 AP Andur 900 AP Andur 9000 AP Andur 9000 AS Part A
Andur 920 AP Andur 9200 AP Andur 93 AP Andur 930 AP Andur 95 AP
Andur 950 AP Andur 9500 AP Andur CP-9000
Andurcoat 60
Autoflex component A
Bayfit 540 A Bayfit 550 A Bayfit 551 A Bayfit 552 A Bayfit 554 A
Bayfit 555 A Bayfit 556 A Bayfit 880-A
CE-1155-35 Part A CE-1157-30 CE-1163 CE-1164
DP-10000 Part A DP-1001-B DP-10485 DP-10561 DP-10744 Part A
DP-11021 DP-11251 Part A DP-11252 Part A DP-11289 Part A DP-11321 Part A
DP-11339 Part A DP-11373 Part A DP-12105 Part A DP-12390 Part A DP-12752 Part A
DP-12768 DP-12792 Part A DP-12816 Part A DP-14120 Part A DP-14346 Part A
DP-14455 Part A DP-14552 Part A DP-14726 Part A DP-14943 Part A DP-1963 Part A
DP-4541 Part A DP-4736 Part A DP-5758 A DP-6332 Part A DP-6872 Part A
DP-8222 DP-8348-3 Part A DP-8449 DP-8536 black DP-8536 Part A
DP-8806 DP-9170 DV-5159
Elastan 6054U Iso Elastan 6055U Iso Elastan 6059U Iso Elastocast 7050U Iso Elastoflex C 2006U Iso
Elastoflex C 2007U Iso Elastoflex C 2010U Iso Elastoflex C 2013U Iso Elastoflex C 2024U Iso Elastoflex C 2025U Iso
Elastoflex C 2034U Iso Elastoflex C 2035U Iso Elastoflex C 2036U Iso Elastoflex C 2038U Iso Elastoflex C 2048U Iso
Elastoflex C 2066U Iso Elastoflex R 2017U Iso
Elastopan S 4500U Iso Elastopor P 1059U Iso
EN-1554 Part B EN-1554 Part B black EN-2 Part A EN-3 Part A
FR-1259 black
Hypol 2000 Hypol 2002 Hypol 2003 Hypol 3000
Isocyanate 05 Isocyanate 37 normal Isocyanate 37 rev. Isocyanate 56
Lupranate 7525 Lupranate 8020 Lupranate T80 type 1 Lupranate T80 type 2 Lupranate T80 type 3
Lupranate T80 type 4 Lupranate TM 105
Mondur 000 Mondur 102 Mondur 425 Mondur 428 Mondur 437
Mondur 445 Mondur 446 Mondur 450 Mondur 452 Mondur 466
Mondur 473 Mondur 494 Mondur 510 Mondur 521 Mondur 531
Mondur 532 Mondur 536 Mondur 537 Mondur 539 Mondur 545
Mondur 569 Mondur 574 Mondur 595 Mondur A-39-S Mondur HR
Mondur MT-40 Mondur T-422 Mondur TD Mondur TD-564 Mondur TD-80 all
Multrathane 000
PBA-2279 (formerly 4397-32-5) Pecora duramem 600CTF Pecora duramem H-500 Pecora duramem R-500 Pecora duramem V-500
Pecora dynaflex Pecora dynatred Pecora dynatrol I Pecora dynatrol II Pecora dynaweld
Pecora urexpan NR-200 Pecora urexpan NR-201 Pecora urexpan NR-300
PX Iso 1 PX Iso 12 PX Iso 2 PXI 3453M Iso PXI 4502-03 Iso
PXI 4744-63 Iso PXI 4834-64 Iso PXI 5157-82 Iso PXI SF-52 Iso PXO 100-18 Iso
PXO 1091-36 Iso PXO 135-32 Iso PXO 38-01 Iso PXO 44U-39 Iso PXO 47-03 Iso
PXO 68-12 Iso
RN-1503 RN-1515 RN-1520 RN-1521 RN-1525
RN-1558 RN-1559 RN-1560 RN-2000 RN-2025
RN-3000 RN-3038 RN-3038ER RN-3039 RN-3050
Rubinate TDI 80/20
Scuranate BT (inactive) Scuranate MT 37 (inactive) Scuranate T 65 Scuranate T 80 Scuranate T 80P
Scuranate TB 826 Scuranate TB 831
Solithane 291:3.2%
Spenkel M 21-40X Spenkel M 21-47X Spenkel M 21-Z-40 Spenkel M 26 Spenkel M37-A6X-42
Spenkel M 37-A6X-45 Spenkel M 80-A6X-50
Spenkel M 86-50CX Spenkel M 86-50E Spenkel M 86-A6X-50 Spenkel M 86-Z-50 Spenkel P 14-75S
Spenkel P 1976 Spenkel P 4146-60A1X Spenkel P 4448-40AX Spenkel P 4820-32A1X Spenkel P 49-A6-60
Spenkel P 49-A6X-60 Spenkel P 5562 Spenkel P 82-K4-75
ST-80 Part A ST-90 Part A
Tremthane urethane sealant 4995
TU-50A Part A TU-65 Part A TU-70 Part A TU-75 Part A TU-79 Part A
TU-80 Part A TU-89 Part A
Uralite 0164 Part A Uralite 3109 Uralite 3110 Uralite 3111 Part A Uralite 3113 Part A
Uralite 3115 Part A Uralite 3117 Part A Uralite 3121 Part A Uralite 3122 Part A
Uralite 3124 Part A Uralite 3128 Part A Uralite 3167 Part A Uralite 3208
Voranate 3071 Voranate 3138 Voranate DAC Voranate T-7000 Voranate T-80 type I
Voranate T-80 type II Voranate TCPA Voranate TM-821
Wuc 3083T Iso Wuc 3129T Iso Wuc 3104T Iso Wuc 3133T Iso Wuc 3187T Iso
Wuc 3205T Iso Wuc 3214T Iso Wuc 3240T Iso Wuc 3246T Iso
XAS 10848.00 XAS 1565.00L XAS 1565.01L XUS 15116.00
Some of these product names might not be commercial anymore, the product names still might be in old formulations

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