Tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate  CAS #  115-96-8

Molecular weight  285.49

Equivalent weight NA
Formula C6H12Cl3O4P
Toxicity/Safety See MSDS of Supplier. 
Appearance clear very light yellow liquid
Boiling point, 10 mm Hg, C  (F) 192  (378)
Freezing/Melting Point: C  (F) -51 (-60)
Specific Gravity, 20C, 65F, g/ml 1.390
Viscosity:  25C, 77F,  cPs 38
Flash point,  C  (F) 150  ( 302)
Autoignition temperature,  C  (F) 480  ( 896)

Phosphorous content, %

Chlorine content, % 37.2
Regulatory Inventory .
CAS REGISTRY NUMBER #  115-96-8 NAME : Ethanol, 2-chloro-, phosphate (3:1)
DSL Canada Yes
EINECS Europe  EINECS No. 204-118-5   Yes
ASIA-PAC Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan   Yes
ENCS Japan ENCS No. 2-1941X, No. 2-1941   Yes
ECL Korea ECL Serial No. KE-34072   Yes
Swiss Switzerland SWISS No. G-2988   Yes
The fact that a compound is not listed under a specific CAS # in a countries inventory does not mean this compound cannot be used, it can be an exempt compound or polymer which does not require listing, or it can be listed in a different category. Ask your supplier.
Other names: 
Tri(-chloroethyl) phosphate
Tri(2-chloroethyl) phosphate
Tri(chloroethyl) phosphate
Tris(2-chloroethyl) orthophosphate
Tris(chloroethyl) phosphate
Commercial Products or generic terms used for products. For manufacturer see Additives MFCT.
Some of these products are marketed as antioxidants and not as chain extender
3CF Amgard TCEP CEF Celluflex CEF CLP
Disflamoll TCA Fyrol CEF Fyrol CF Genomoll P Niax 3CF
Niax Flame Retardant  3CF TCEP
Some of these product names might not be commercial anymore, the product names still might be in old formulations

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