4,4'-Methylene bis(2-chloroaniline)  MOCA  CAS # 101-14-4

Molecular weight 267.2
Equivalent weight 133.6
Formula C13H12Cl2N2
Toxicity/Safety Probably a human carcinogen, consult MSDS of supplier
Appearance off-white powder
Melting point,  C  (F) 99 - 107  (210-225)
Specific gravity, 20C,  68F, g/ml 1.44
Regulatory Inventory .
DSL Canada Yes
EINECS Europe EINECS No. 202-918-9   Yes
ASIA-PAC Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan   Yes
ECL Korea ECL Serial No. 98-1-479, KE-10102   Yes
ENCS Japan ENCS No. 4-95   Yes
Swiss Switzerland SWISS No. G-6438   Yes
The fact that a compound is not listed under a specific CAS # in a countries inventory does not mean this compound cannot be used, it can be an exempt compound or polymer which does not require listing, or it can be listed in a different category. Ask your supplier.
Other names: 
2,2'Dichloro-4,4'-methylene dianiline; 3,3'-Dichloro-4,4'-diaminodiphenyl methane; 4,4'-diamino-3,3'-dichlorodiphenylmethane; 4,4-Methylene bis(2-chloroaniline); 4,4'-methylenebis(2-chloroaniline); 4,4'-Methylenebis-(2-Chlorobenzenamine); p,p'-methylenebis(alpha-chloroaniline); di(4-amino-3-chlorophenyl)methane; Bis Amine; bis-amine A; Cyanaset; DACPM; MBOCA; methylene-bis-orthochloroaniline; Methylene-bis(2-chloroaniline), 4,4'-; 
Commercial Products or generic terms used for products. For manufacturer see Additives MFCT.
Some of these products are marketed as antioxidants and not as chain extender
Bisamine A Bisamine S CPP 100 Cuamine M Cuamine MT
Curene 442 Diamet Kh Ihara Cuamine MT MBOCA Millionate M
MOCA MOCA (curing agent) Quodorole
Some of these product names might not be commercial anymore, the product names still might be in old formulations

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