The color coding gives some indication about the subject matter in these patents. But there is a considerable overlap in assignment. A crosslinking system might be used in both waterborne and solvent borne coatings. Under Miscellaneous I tried to capture process related patents or areas which did not give a good fit with any of the other designated areas.

All patents are linked to the new Google patents site. You can get a look at the claims or download the complete patent.





Google Patents

 Great new site for searching of patents, PDF download available    
48 6441097 Alkylaryl and arylalkyl monosulfonic acid catalysts for crosslinking polyethylene    
47 6395837 Alkylated aryl disulfonic acid catalysts for crosslinking polyethylene    
46 6353057 Catalyzing cationic resin and blocked polyisocyanates with bismuth carboxylate    
45 6335304 Metal salts of phosphoric acid esters as cross linking catalysts    
44 6165952 Ashless Corrosion Inhibitor for Lubricants    
43 5965686 Zirconium Urethane Catalysts    
42 5846897 Zirconium Urethane Catalysts    
41 5746946 Imidazolidinone derivatives as corrosion inhibitors    
40 5565531 Acid etch resistant automotive topcoat    
39 5275749 N-acyl-N-hydrocarbonoxyalkyl aspartic acid esters as corrosion inhibitors    
38 5134205 Certain hydroxyalkyl carbamate compounds, homopolymers and copolymers thereof and uses thereof    
37 5102961 Isocyanate modified blocked sulfonic acid ester as a crosslinking catalyst    
36 4897435 Water based hydroxyalkyl carbamate-containing resins and method of making the same    
35 4820830 Certain hydroxyalkyl carbamates, polymers and uses thereof    
34 4778869 Activated ester monomers and polymers    
33 4758632 Self-cross-linkable acrylic polymer containing hydroxyalkyl carbamate groups and coating compositions containing the same    
32 4656308 Ethers of acrylamidoglycolic acid and esters    
31 4631320 Coating compositions containing polyurethane or polyurea polymers and amino resins    
30 4520167 Hydroxyalkyl carbamate diluent for coating compositions and compositions containing the same    
29 4484994 Hydroxyalkyl carbamate-containing resins for cathodic electrodeposition and method of making the same    
28 4454301 Crosslinking coating compositions Acrylic resin with activated ester groups    
27 4446280 Crosslinking composition containing activated carboxylic ester polymer and amine-terminated triazine resin    
26 4404332 Cross-linking agents for cationic polymers    
25 4379911 Cross-linking agents for cationic polymers. Activate ester groups    
24 4374164 High solids polymer resin coating composition containing amino resin cross-linking agent    
23 4272590 Water-based glyoxal cured coating compositions    
22 4151143 Surfactant-free polymer emulsion coating composition and method for preparing same    
21 4110288 Aqueous vinyl polymeric emulsion system and process of preparing the same using aminoplast resin    
20 4057523 Stable, aged, coating composition. Electrocoating with butylated melamine resin    
19 4026855 Composition of matter particularly adaptable for use in cationic electrodepositing films on metal    
18 3984382 Novel emulsifiable cationic vinyl resins and process for preparing the same    
17 3960983 Composition of matter comprising a blend of a polyether polyol and an aminoplast cross-linking agent    
16 3959202 Composition of matter comprising a blend of certain polyether polyols, certain vinyl emulsion polymers and an aminoplast cross-linking agent    
15 3945961 Novel cross-linking agents and their use in electrophoretic coating composition    
14 3917573 Process for the preparation of water emulsifiable anionic resins and the resins thus produced    
13 3907740 Stable, high solids methylated urea-formaldehyde coating compositions    
12 3894993 Aminoplast crosslinking agents    
11 3850735 Process for depositing a film  (catalyst cyclic trisulfonylmethane)    
10 3850734 Process for depositing a film   (catalyst trisulfonylmethane)    
9 3798193 Process for acrylic electrocoating resin    
8 3776879 High solids urea-formaldehyde coating composition    
7 3755272 Copolymerization of alpha-olefins and acrylic or methacrylic acid    
6 3723374 Thermoset organic coating composition containing trisulfonylmethane catalyst    
5 3719627 Thermoset organic coating composition containing a cyclic trisulfonylmethane    
4 3719623 Rubbery polymeric mixture comprising a maleinized oil    
3 3692717 Modified non-gelled alkyd resin and process    
2 3663389 Method of electrodepositioning novel coating. Benzoguanamine crosslinker    
1 3619399 Acrylic primer, improvement in intercoat adhesion    


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