High Solids Publications

High Solids Coatings are one of the methods to reduce VOC in coatings. As a technology it is usually easier to implement than other low VOC technologies. Some of the problems associated with low VOC coatings are shown in the paper on High Solids Coatings.
High Solids Coatings


Reactive Diluent Modifier Polyurethane Oligomers for Water-Borne and High Solids Coatings
High solids waterborne A Novel Approach to the Formulation of Water-Borne Coatings
Overview of Additives Additives for High Solids and Water-borne Coatings
Polymer design Design Considerations for Polymers  used in High Solids
Cycloaliphatic epoxy Thermal cure with Superacid catalysts
High solids polyether waterborne Blend of certain Polyether Polyols, certain Vinyl Emulsion Polymers
Polyurethane acid etch resistant Acid Etch Resistant Automotive Topcoats
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