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This program calculates the volume, weight and moles of a polymer in the core and shell of a particle of a given size of the core and shell. The calculation uses as input the particle radius, shell diameter, density of core and shell and also the molecular weight of the core and shell polymer. Of course in case of inorganic compounds the respective properties of the inorganic materials can be used. 

Solvation of the core and the shell material can be entered as well as density of the core and shell solvent. For most solvent or water-borne polymer dispersions both the core and especially the shell are solvated. 
This program is useful in estimating the potential dispersant demand in the preparation of dispersions of polymers or pigments .
Enter Data      
Radius core particle, Rp  
Density core material, g/ml Dp  
MW core material Mwp  
Swelling core particle, % Sw_core  
Density core solvent Dp_solv  
Thickness shell surface, Rs  
Density shell material, g/ml Ds  
Swelling shell surface, % Sw_shell  
Density shell solvent Ds_solv  
MW shell surface Mws  
Results       Equations used
Volume core particle, ml Vp   4*Rp3*π/3
Weight core particle, g Wp   Vp*Dp*(1-Sw_core/100)+Vp*Dp_solv*(Sw_core/100)
Weight core material, g Wpm   Vp*Dp*(1-Sw_core/100)
Weight core solvent, g Wps   Vp*Dp_solv*(Sw_core/100)
Number core particle per gram Ng   1/Wp
Number of Mol per core particle Molp   Wpm/(Mwp/Avo)
Volume shell surface, ml Vs   4*(Rp+Rs)3*π/3-Vp
Weight shell surface, g Ws   Vs*(Sw_shell/100)*Ds_solv+Vs*(1-Sw_shell/100)*Ds
Weight shell material, g Wsm   Vs*(1-Sw_shell/100)*Ds
Weight shell solvent, g Wss   Vs*(Sw_shell/100)*Ds_solv
Number Mol shell surface Mols   Wpm/(Mws/Avo)
Volume ratio shell/core Vsp   Vs/Vp
Weight ratio shell/core Wsp   Ws/Wp
Weight ratio shell/core material Wspm   Wsm/Wpm
Volume shell surface % Vs_per   Vs/(Vs+Vp)*100
Weight shell surface % Ws_per   Ws/(Ws+Wp)*100
Weight shell surface material % Ws_perm   Wsm/(Wpm+Wsm)*100

Automatic recalculation 

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