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  This program permits solvent selection based on boiling point and on the solubility parameter. Hansen solubility parameter are used.
  To select a solvent from the database select first the desired boiling point. The program selects a range of solvents with increasing boiling points. The lowest boiling point displayed is the boiling point closest to your selection. The selection can be further narrowed in a second step by selection of an lower and upper solubility parameter. For section using SI units ( MPa1/2)
  Boiling Point in C                        
     Boiling Point,C Molecular weight Density 25C Flash Point Evaporation Rate Viscosity 25C Surface Tension Molar Volume Solubility Parameters  cal1/2 cm-3/2 CAS Registry
  Name 760 mm Hg   g/ml CC,F 25C cp dynes/cm cc/gM SPo SPd SPp SPh Number

Select Solubility Parameter from above solvents.

Typical Ranges for Solvents

  Select Range Lower  Upper     Aliphatic hydrocarbons 6.5-7.5 Alcohols 11-14.5

Ether 7.0-8.0

  Solubility parameter, cal1/2 cm-3/2

    Aromatic hydrocarbons 8.5-9.5  Ester 8.0-9.5

Water 23.5

  Name BP, C MW D, g/l FP EV Vis ST MV Spo SPd SPp SPh CAS #
  Solubility Parameter Conversion to SI units (MPa)1/2  multiply (cal1/2 cm-3/2 unites) by 2.0455, SPo= total, SPd= dispersion, SPp= polar, SPh= hydrogen
  Flash Point CC, closed cup
  Evaporation rate, n-butylacetate = 1
  Surface tension measured at 25C
  Data from Literature sources and Arco (Lyondell), ASTM book, test D3539, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Eastman Chemical, Exxon, Huntsman Corporation. 

Automatic recalculation      


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