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  Many pigment particles are not spherical, but rather elongated (like a football). The mathematical term for this shape is a prolate ellipsoid. For calculation for a sphere enter the same radius for a and b.
  The formula for calculating the volume is Volume=4/3x(πxaxb2)

a= Radius elongated section

b= Radius shorter section

c= Thickness of absorption layer

  Values to enter Units            
  a Radius particle elongate nm

  b Radius particle smaller nm          
  c Thickness of absorption layer nm          
  D1 Density of core g/cm3          
  D2 Density of absorption layer g/cm3          
  Radius Volume Weight Weight
  short long V1 V2 Core W1 Shell W2 W1+W2 W2/(W1+W2) W1/(W1+W2) Shell
  nm nm Core, nm3 Shell, nm3 V1*D1 V2*D2 Total Shell, % Core, % Addon, %

Automatic recalculation 

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