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Pigments and other solids additives in coatings require stabilization to prevent flocculation. Dispersed particles can be stabilized by a charge or using steric stabilization. A layer thickness of about 100-150 Angstrom is required for steric stabilization of particles in the micron range.



Values to enter


  Radius particle, r nm  

  Thickness of absorption layer, A nm      
  Density of core, D1 g/cm3      
  Density of absorption layer, D2 g/cm3      
      Volume (nm3)   Weight (D*nm3)   Weight

 Particle radius r

V1 V2   W1 W2 W1+W2   W2/(W1+W2) W1/(W1+W2) Shell
  nm Core Shell   Core Shell Total   Shell % Core % Addon, %

Automatic recalculation 

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